Jul 26, 2016

U.S. Army special forces accepts first female candidates

Two women will soon be the first female soldiers to undergo training to become members of the Green Berets, the U.S. Army’s special forces, the military said Monday. “They are the first two women who have been selected for special forces assessment” following the ...

Jul 26, 2016

Early menopause may speed up aging in women, study says

Women who enter menopause early may age faster than women in whom menopause arrives later, said a study Monday that could help pinpoint women at highest risk of age-related diseases. The findings could settle a long-standing debate, said Steve Horvath, a professor of human ...

Report: Saudi women's lives dictated by male guardianship

Jul 17, 2016

Report: Saudi women's lives dictated by male guardianship

Saudi Arabia’s guardianship system, which bars women from traveling abroad, obtaining a passport, marrying or exiting prison without the consent of a male relative, remains the most significant impediment to realizing women’s rights in the kingdom, according to a report released Sunday by a ...

Jul 13, 2016

Tokyo to host 'Davos for women' in 2017


A leading global business and economic forum for women will come to Tokyo for the first time next year, founder Irene Natividad announced Wednesday, saying she hopes the event will empower women in Japan. The annual Global Summit of Women, organized by Washington-based nonprofit ...