Selling Egypt's wine to the world

Jun 9, 2015

Selling Egypt's wine to the world

An organic wine producer is growing indigenous grapes near famed pharaonic tombs in central Egypt, vintners in the Nile Delta have modernized a long-neglected 19th century winery, and in Cairo’s hotels, tourists can now enjoy Egyptian wine described by an expert as “eminently drinkable.” ...

China tops France in vineyards

Apr 29, 2015

China tops France in vineyards

China now boasts more land dedicated to wine vineyards than France as it tries to satisfy a rapid rise in local demand. China’s vineyards grew to 800,000 hectares (1.9 million acres) last year, putting it behind No. 1 grower Spain but ahead of France. ...

Chinese rivaling French in buying Bordeaux lots

Mar 20, 2015

Chinese rivaling French in buying Bordeaux lots

by Laurent Abadie

Chinese investors now rival the French in buying vineyards in Bordeaux: a sign both of the region’s global prestige and China’s seemingly unquenchable thirst for wine, according to local property agencies and industry associations. More than 100 properties in France’s southwest wine-producing area are ...

Vintners see bright future for Koshu wine

Feb 13, 2015

Vintners see bright future for Koshu wine

by Kaori Kaneko

Making wine comes naturally to Ayana Misawa, having spent her childhood in vineyards watching her father and grandfather nurture cherished Koshu grapes, a variety known for its fresh and fruity overtones. Misawa and other winemakers in the wine hub of Yamanashi Prefecture are set ...

Jan 24, 2015

$300,000 in fine wine stolen from famed restaurant is recovered

More than $300,000 in world-class wine stolen from a famed Napa Valley restaurant has been recovered from a private cellar on the other side of America. But the mystery of who broke into the unmarked wine room at the world-renowned French Laundry eatery and ...

Jan 13, 2015

Isetan Mitsukoshi recalls wine after glass fragments found in bottle

Department store operator Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd. said Tuesday that glass fragments were found in a bottle of imported French red wine sold by consolidated subsidiary Century Trading Co. Isetan Mitsukoshi will recall 300 bottles of the wine with the same date of manufacture. ...

Dec 20, 2014

Italy's chianti country hit by quake swarm

Several mini-earthquakes with a maximum magnitude of 4.1 shook Italy’s famous Chianti wine region Friday. The tremors were sufficiently powerful to result in homes, schools and offices being evacuated but no serious damage or injuries were reported. The National Institute for Geophysics and Vulcanology ...