Sea Shepherd gets fast anti-whaling ship

Oct 3, 2016

Sea Shepherd gets fast anti-whaling ship

With its distinctive Jolly Roger flag flying from the mast, the sleek, high-speed, slate-gray Ocean Warrior is the latest weapon in the bitter war between marine conservationists and Japan’s whaling fleet. “The one thing that we were missing in our fleet was a vessel ...

Jul 25, 2016

Japan takes 115 whales in northwest Pacific hunt

Japanese whalers have concluded their annual northwestern Pacific hunt, killing 90 sei whales and 25 Bryde’s whales, the Fisheries Agency said Monday. The numbers taken for what the government says is scientific research, but which many critics say is cover for commercial whaling, was ...

Baird's beaked whale is first catch of season

Jun 8, 2016

Baird's beaked whale is first catch of season

Fishermen landed the first Baird’s beaked whale of the season on Wednesday, local authorities said. The whale, a 10-meter-long female weighing roughly 10 tons, was landed at Hakodate port, Hokkaido, early Wednesday after being caught in the sea off Matsumae, Hakodate, city officials said. ...

May 12, 2016

Japanese whaling fleet sets off for northwestern Pacific

Japan resumed what it calls research whaling in the northwestern Pacific on Thursday as whaling vessels departed a port in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture. The mission is set to last until late July. Under the annual program, the Fisheries Agency will catch up to 90 ...