Dec 10, 2016

Murofushi expresses shock over McLaren Report findings

Former Olympian Koji Murofushi said Saturday that the McLaren Report released on Fridayby the World Anti-Doping Agency implicating over 1,000 Russian athletes in an institutional doping conspiracy was “shocking.”“The scope is very big. It’s a shocking report,” said Murofushi, who won the gold medal ...

Sep 15, 2016

WADA reveals hackers strike again

The World Anti-Doping Agency said on Wednesday that another batch of athlete data has been leaked by the same Russian cyber espionage group that published confidential data earlier this week.WADA said in a statement the hackers released data of 25 athletes from the United ...

Aug 13, 2016

WADA, CAS are target of hackers

The World Anti-Doping Agency and Court of Arbitration for Sport said they have been targeted by hackers, with an attempt made to obtain access credentials for the database which tracks athletes for drug testing.WADA said it learned “this week,” during the Rio Olympics, that ...

McLaren attacks IOC 'spin' on Russian doping report

Aug 5, 2016

McLaren attacks IOC 'spin' on Russian doping report

Anti-doping investigation leader Richard McLaren has accused the IOC of twisting the conclusions of his bombshell report on state-run substance abuse in Russia.The Canadian lawyer, clearly frustrated at reactions to his work, told The Guardian newspaper “people have misconstrued what went into that report, ...

IOC's decision on Russia a disgrace

| Jul 30, 2016

IOC's decision on Russia a disgrace


The IOC has exposed itself as a toothless tiger. The Olympics’ global governing body showed it lacked the moral fortitude and backbone to take a necessary stand against Russia.By leaving it up to international sports federations to determine if Russian athletes who compete for ...

Putin slams 'discrimination' against Russian athletes

/ Jul 28, 2016

Putin slams 'discrimination' against Russian athletes

Russian President Vladimir Putin hit out at “discrimination” against the country’s banned track and field athletes at a Kremlin send-off ceremony Wednesday for its depleted Olympic team.Fencers and triathletes became the latest team of Russians to be cleared to compete in the Olympics by ...

/ Jul 28, 2016

Speed skating legend Pechstein rips Bach

Five-time Olympic speed skating champion Claudia Pechstein was the latest prominent German to lash out Wednesday at compatriot Thomas Bach, president of the IOC, over the IOC’s stance on state-run Russian doping.“In my eyes, Bach can be bought politically,” Pechstein, who was handed a ...

/ Jul 26, 2016

Stepanova makes appeal to IOC

Whistleblower Yulia Stepanova’s hopes of competing in the Summer Olympics are all but over. Her fight to expose doping and corruption is not.“It’s OK to lose a good fight,” Stepanova’s husband, Vitaly Stepanov, told The Associated Press on Monday. They have appealed to the ...