Visa to fight fraud with apps

Feb 14, 2015

Visa to fight fraud with apps

The days of calling your bank to tell them that yes, you really are in Thailand and yes, you really did use your credit card to buy $200 in sarongs may be coming to an end. The payment-processing company Visa will roll out a ...

Jan 9, 2015

Japanese visas issued in Shanghai hit record high in 2014

The Japanese Consulate General in Shanghai said it issued a record 874,077 visas in 2014, a 2.4-fold jump from the preceding year. Behind the surge was the sharp increase in Chinese tourists to Japan spurred partly by the weaker yen, consular officials said. The ...

Dec 1, 2014

China refuses British MPs entry to Hong Kong

A group of British lawmakers investigating Britain’s relations with Hong Kong have been told China will not allow them into the former colony, the MPs said Sunday. The Foreign Affairs Committee, a panel of lawmakers who scrutinize the Foreign Office’s work, is looking into ...

Oct 31, 2014

Wall St. up on GDP, earnings; fund yearend lifts winners

U.S. stocks rose on Thursday, boosted by a strong reading on quarterly economic growth and by another round of upbeat earnings reports, including Visa, which accounted for nearly 140 points in the Dow industrials. Despite the bullish data and the Federal Reserve’s Wednesday statement ...

Oct 1, 2014

Visa requirements eased for Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam

The central government has relaxed visa requirements for visitors from Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam. The measure is part of a governmental bid to drive up the number of foreign tourists to 20 million a year by 2020, after hitting the previous target of ...

Apr 15, 2014

Visa waivers in works for Indonesians, Filipinos, Vietnamese

Japan might grant visa waivers to tourists from Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam when it revises its tourism action plan in June, government sources said Monday. The initiative, backed by the government and the ruling coalition, is aimed at Southeast Asia, whose vast Muslim ...

Jan 15, 2014

Myanmar nationals are issued multiple-entry visas

Japan has started issuing multiple-entry visas to Myanmar nationals as part of efforts to increase tourism and expand bilateral exchanges, the Foreign Ministry said. A multiple visa will be valid for up to three years, allowing a bearer to stay in Japan for up ...

Opening the kitchen to foreign chefs

Dec 3, 2013

Opening the kitchen to foreign chefs

by Tomohiro Osaki

As a foreigner aspiring to become a “washoku” (Japanese food) chef, South Korean student Seo Dong-young faces a dilemma. The 23-year-old student at a Tokyo culinary school wants to stay here and work after graduation, but unfortunately that isn’t an option. Legally speaking, he ...