Sao Paulo snarled as metro strike continues

Jun 9, 2014

Sao Paulo snarled as metro strike continues

Sao Paulo subway workers ignored a court ruling Sunday and extended a strike threatening to cause traffic mayhem at the World Cup’s opening game on Thursday. The subway staff’s union voted to press on with the strike hours after a labor court ruled it ...

Managers in China stoking labor activism

Jun 1, 2014

Managers in China stoking labor activism

by Alexandra Harney and John Ruwitch

Behind China’s biggest strike in decades last month was a new player in Chinese labor activism: management. A previously unpublished account from inside the strike at Taiwanese shoe manufacturer Yue Yuen obtained by Reuters shows that supervisors were the first to challenge senior plant ...

Mar 9, 2014

Ten electronics firms to approve ¥2,000 pay hike

Ten major domestic electronics makers are expected to grant a uniform pay-scale increase of ¥2,000 in this year’s “shunto” spring wage negotiations, sources said. The Japanese Electrical Electronic & Information Union, an umbrella body for electronics makers’ labor unions, demanded the ¥2,000 hike as ...

Mar 4, 2014

Union cites 'big gap' with Toyota in wage negotiations

Toyota Motor Corp. and its workers’ union are far apart over wages and bonuses, the labor group’s chairman said Tuesday. “Our negotiation with the company is like a parallel line,” Mitsuyuki Tsuruoka, head of the Toyota Motor Workers’ Union, said. “We have had two ...