Jun 15, 2014

Big expansion in food exports eyed

Japan aims to expand exports of farm and marine products 10-fold to the tune of ¥5 trillion a year by 2030 under the government’s revamped growth strategy.

Jun 13, 2014

Heritage cooperation with S. Korea

Education minister Hakubun Shimomura says he’s open to cooperating with South Korea in trying to put the records of ancient Korean envoys who visited Japan on UNESCO’s world memory heritage list. Nagasaki Gov. Hodo Nakamura asked Shimomura on Thursday to promote joint cooperation as ...

Jun 12, 2014

Southern Alps put on UNESCO biosphere reserve list

UNESCO has added Japan’s Southern Alps mountain range and the Tadami beech forest to its global list of biosphere reserves, the government said Thursday. Known as “eco parks” in Japan, the U.N. agency assigns biosphere reserve status to regions that exemplify a balance between ...

Silk mill took Japan to global level

| May 5, 2014

Silk mill took Japan to global level

by Ayako Mie

The historic Tomioka Silk Mill in Gunma Prefecture and its related facilities are expected to become UNESCO World Heritage sites next month. The redbrick factory from the Meiji Era will be the 18th World Heritage property in Japan if UNESCO officially accepts its endorsement ...

May 1, 2014

UNESCO decries waste dumped on Barrier Reef

UNESCO on Thursday condemned a decision to allow the dumping of dredge waste in Great Barrier Reef waters and recommended the Australian marine park be considered for inclusion on the World Heritage in Danger list. The decision in January to allow 3 million cu. ...

Shikoku's temple trail faces long road to UNESCO listing

Mar 27, 2014

Shikoku's temple trail faces long road to UNESCO listing

By failing to align their strategies, the governments of Shikoku’s four prefectures have hampered their efforts to get the island’s ancient Buddhist pilgrimage trail on the UNESCO World Heritage list. The Shikoku Pilgrimage trail, which links 88 temples associated with the monk Kukai, founder ...

UNESCO listing sought for Japanese POW records

Mar 4, 2014

UNESCO listing sought for Japanese POW records

A city on the Sea of Japan coast said Tuesday it will recommend that mementos and records of prisoners of war detained in the Soviet Union after World War II be included in UNESCO’s Memory of the World Register. The city of Maizuru in ...

Feb 14, 2014

Foreign culinary students can stay longer after graduation

The government will let foreign students at culinary schools stay in Japan for two years after graduation if they take up apprenticeships at Japanese-style restaurants. Under the change that took effect Friday, each student’s school and host restaurant will have to work out an ...