Mar 5, 2016

Boeing's new plane bathrooms sterilize themselves in just three seconds

Boeing engineers think they have a solution for smelly, grimy airplane bathrooms: ultraviolet light. The aircraft manufacturer has filed a patent for a self-cleaning lavatory that disinfects all surfaces in just three seconds. Many passengers would welcome more sanitary airplane bathrooms, but they may ...

Hawaii seeks funds to restore famed Waikikki Beach

Mar 3, 2016

Hawaii seeks funds to restore famed Waikikki Beach

Despite being one of Hawaii’s most iconic beaches, many visitors don’t know Waikiki Beach is actually an engineered beach that has been filled with imported sand for decades. Waikiki has been facing erosion problems for years, so Hawaii lawmakers are pushing a bill to ...

Feb 11, 2016

Climate change will slow trans-Atlantic flights, study says

Winds bolstered by climate change will slow flights between North America and Europe, boosting fuel costs and the carbon dioxide emissions that caused the problem in the first place, researchers said Wednesday. Climate change will speed up the jet stream, a high-altitude wind blowing ...

Miffy gets a museum of her own

Feb 7, 2016

Miffy gets a museum of her own

To some people, Miffy is just a plain white bunny. To others, she is a prime example of minimalist art. But for six decades, she has been delighting young kids around the world, and now she is getting a museum of her own. After ...