Kiun-Kaku: a garden of elegant period taste

Aug 30, 2014

Kiun-Kaku: a garden of elegant period taste

by Stephen Mansfield

Despite the seasonal limitations for visiting, the Atami Baien, a plum garden, is a better-known sight that the Kiun-Kaku garden, which is an all-seasons landscape also found in Atami, Shizuoka Prefecture. Perhaps it is the thirst for scale that has prioritized the plum trees in ...

| Aug 5, 2014

Discount to Hong Kong; dish giveaway; new Jetstar route

Discount to Hong Kong Cathay Pacific is holding a discount promotion, “Premium Eco-Toku Early Bird Special,” for its premium economy class on flights from Japan to Hong Kong. Prices under the promotion are ¥14,000 lower than those usually offered under the Eco-Toku3 campaign and ...