Sky-high coffee; Dreamliner expansion

| Mar 10, 2015

Sky-high coffee; Dreamliner expansion

Sky-high coffee Cathay Pacific Airways has partnered with illy to offer premium coffee to its first and business class passengers. In addition to freshly brewed coffee from the famous Italian coffee roasting company, passengers can also enjoy illy’s espresso, cafe latte and cappuccino. Medium ...

Feb 24, 2015

France seizes passports of would-be jihadis

Six French citizens have had their passports confiscated and 40 more will be banned from leaving the country as Europe cracks down on would-be jihadis planning to travel to Syria and Iraq. This is the first time France has resorted to the measure since ...

Feb 16, 2015

Woman stung by scorpion on flight from L.A. to Portland

A scorpion stung a woman on the hand just before her flight from Los Angeles to Portland took off. Flight 567 was taxiing on the runway Saturday night when the passenger was stung, Alaska Airlines spokesman Cole Cosgrove said. The plane returned to the ...