Oct 29, 2016

EU and Canada to sign trade pact after Belgians approve changes

Canada and the European Union will sign a landmark free trade deal on Sunday after key votes in Belgian regional assemblies on Friday ended opposition that had threatened to destroy the agreement. Soon after the final Belgian vote, European Council President Donald Tusk called ...

Oct 28, 2016

China eyes biggest opening for private business in decades

After weak first-quarter investment figures added to concerns about the outlook for China’s economy, one of the government’s most powerful policymaking bodies commissioned a study of private businesses to discover how to turn it around. That report, seen by Bloomberg, contained a slew of ...

Why gutting NAFTA is unlikely to create U.S. jobs

| Oct 25, 2016

Why gutting NAFTA is unlikely to create U.S. jobs

Both U.S. presidential candidates routinely criticize free-trade deals they blame for the loss of American jobs. But tweaking the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), as Hillary Clinton has pledged to do, or ripping it up, as Donald Trump demands, may do nothing to ...