U.K. queen visits 'Game of Thrones' set in North Ireland

Jun 25, 2014

U.K. queen visits 'Game of Thrones' set in North Ireland

For Queen Elizabeth II, one throne is enough. The United Kingdom’s 88-year-old monarch toured the Belfast sets of the hit HBO series “Game of Thrones” and met many of its stars Tuesday beside the show’s sword-covered seat of power, the Iron Throne. Unlike many ...

Jun 19, 2014

Foreigners visiting in record numbers

About 5.2 million foreign travelers arrived at Japanese ports and airports in the first five months of the year, setting the nation on track to surpass last year’s record of 10.36 million arrivals, the government estimates. It was an increase of more than 28 ...

Jun 18, 2014

Boosting visitors to Japan

The government has adopted a set of measures aimed at achieving a target of doubling the number of visitors to Japan to 20 million in 2020.

World War I began in a city of variety: Sarajevo

Jun 14, 2014

World War I began in a city of variety: Sarajevo

by Aida Cerkez

If you find yourself on Ferhadija Street behind the old synagogue at noon, close your eyes and listen to the bells from the Catholic cathedral and the Serb-Orthodox church mixing with the Muslim call for prayer. They call this the sound of Sarajevo. And ...

Jun 13, 2014

Wi-Fi blitz planned for Olympics

The government unveiled plans Thursday to provide more foreign visitors with speedy wireless Internet access before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. It will promote the spread of free Wi-Fi hot spots but also “encourage” the purchase of Japanese SIM cards for incompatible smartphones bought overseas. ...

Jun 10, 2014

Officials counting on tourism boom

The government said Tuesday it will make full use of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to boost international tourism numbers. The Olympics will provide a powerful tailwind to achieve the government’s target of drawing 20 million foreign visitors a year, the 2014 white paper on ...

Poppies among WWI reminders in Belgium

Jun 7, 2014

Poppies among WWI reminders in Belgium

by Raf Casert

Crimson poppies still dance in the breeze as if nothing horrific happened in Flanders fields. But almost a century after the start of World War I, the flowers endure as a symbol of war dead, in part because of a celebrated poem: “In Flanders ...

Firms move to cash in on World Cup fever

Jun 5, 2014

Firms move to cash in on World Cup fever

In the run-up to the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, efforts are under way to capitalize on demand linked to the quadrennial soccer event, including luxury package tours and 4K ultrahigh-definition TVs. According to travel agency JTB Corp., some 500 people are expected to ...