Feb 26, 2015

Chinese university to open Tokyo branch in April

A major university based in Beijing will open a campus in Tokyo in April, paving the way for Japanese and other students to earn a Chinese degree without studying in China. The opening of Beijing Language and Culture University’s Tokyo college in the Ikebukuro ...

Finding thrills on plum blossom hill

| Feb 21, 2015

Finding thrills on plum blossom hill

by Kit Nagamura

February is a tricky month for venturing out in Tokyo. Daylight hours lengthen and the light softens slightly, but the weather itself seems controlled by a sadist at the thermostat. Blissfully warm one moment and freezing the next, it’s 50 shades of uncertainty. Nonetheless, ...

Feb 6, 2015

Tokyo area saw net population gain of 110,000 in '14

People who moved into the Tokyo metropolitan area in 2014 surpassed those who left by a margin of 109,408, the internal affairs ministry said. It was the area’s 19th consecutive gain in annual net population. The net inflow into Tokyo and neighboring prefectures of ...