Jul 3, 2014

Non-LDP Tokyo assembly members want sexist hecklers to confess

Forty-three members of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly support their colleague Ayaka Shiomura’s call for those who heckled her during a recent session to come forward. A survey released Wednesday received responses from 44 of the assembly’s 127 members. All 58 members from the Liberal ...

Jun 26, 2014

Activists demand action on sexism


While the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly and the ruling Liberal Democratic Party hope the furor over misogynist comments will swiftly blow over, others are continuing to press for a crackdown on discriminatory behavior in politics. On Thursday in Tokyo around 100 people participated in a ...

Jun 24, 2014

Harassment rife in local assemblies


The sexist taunting of a female politician during a session of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly is part of a long-running problem and victims often suffer in silence, some assembly members say.