Trump-Clinton debate was the most-watched ever

Sep 28, 2016

Trump-Clinton debate was the most-watched ever

The first presidential debate between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump drew 84 million U.S. television viewers Monday night, a record for such an event and a number rarely seen in the age of digital streaming and social media. The audience beat the ...

Aug 30, 2016

China regulator to curb news that promotes 'Western lifestyles'

China will crack down on social and entertainment news that promotes improper values and “Western lifestyles,” the country’s broadcasting regulator said, the latest effort at censorship in an already strictly regulated media environment. President Xi Jinping has embarked on an unprecedented drive to censor ...

Aug 23, 2016

North Korea rolls out on-demand TV service

North Korea is rolling out an on-demand TV catch-up service, allowing people with some sort of internet access to enjoy the highly propagandized output of its four state-run TV channels at their leisure. The system, which goes by the name Manbang (“Everywhere”), functions like ...

Jun 20, 2016

China cracks down foreign-inspired TV shows


China is clamping down on imported television shows and remakes that use formats from abroad in a bid to “promote domestic originality,” the country’s top media regulator has said. The move, effective July 1, will mean that the airing of remakes of foreign reality ...

Ready to rumble: Asian pro wrestlers dream of stardom

Jun 19, 2016

Ready to rumble: Asian pro wrestlers dream of stardom

Kenneth Thexeira is a mild-mannered writer for an interior-design magazine by day, but on certain nights his alter ego bursts forth in golden tights and a baby-blue cape: enter “The Eurasian Dragon.” The 27-year-old Singaporean is part of a small but growing community of ...