/ Apr 20, 2015

Teacher admits to burying baby cats alive in Chiba

Police said Monday they have filed charges with prosecutors against a 36-year-old senior high school teacher for burying kittens alive at his school in Chiba Prefecture last month in violation of the animal protection law. The man admitted burying five newborn kittens, four of ...

U.S. JET teacher features in 3/11 film

Sep 9, 2013

U.S. JET teacher features in 3/11 film


While Taylor Anderson’s life was cut short on March 11, 2011, along with thousands of others caught in the massive tsunami triggered by an earthquake off the coast of Tohoku, the full life she led was a source of inspiration for an American documentarian ...

/ Mar 24, 2013

Osaka coach whose abuse led to suicide faces charges

The case of the Osaka high school basketball coach accused of physically punishing players so harshly that one committed suicide has been turned over to prosecutors. According to the Osaka Prefectural Police, former Sakuranomiya High School teacher Hajime Komura, 47, who coached the basketball ...