Mar 17, 2015

Young adults want news, not the newspaper: study

America’s young adults want news, but few want to read a newspaper. And most stumble onto news while on Facebook or other social networks. Those are among the findings of a survey released Monday of 18- to 34-year-olds by a project of the American ...

54% of assemblywomen uncomfortable with counterparts' sexist acts

Jan 30, 2015

54% of assemblywomen uncomfortable with counterparts' sexist acts

A nationwide survey of assemblywomen said Friday that just over 54 percent of female lawmakers feel uncomfortable when exposed to sexist acts, remarks or verbal abuse from assemblymen. “Such sex discrimination has been a major obstacle for women seeking assembly membership as well as ...

Jan 25, 2015

Tooth decay falling sharply among children, ministry says

The proportion of children with bad teeth has fallen sharply in Japan over the past three decades, preliminary data released by the education ministry shows. The ministry’s fiscal 2014 survey on child health showed that on average, 12-year-old junior high students had one bad ...

Dec 26, 2014

Interest in Japan-South Korea isle dispute on wane in Japan: poll

Public interest in the sovereignty dispute involving a tiny pair of Korean-controlled outcroppings Japan claims as the Takeshima Islands but South Korea calls Dokdo has fallen to 66.9 percent from 71.1 percent in June, a Cabinet Office survey said Thursday. Meanwhile, a separate survey ...

Dec 18, 2014

Japan, three ASEAN nations to survey Strait of Malacca

Japan and three Southeast Asian nations will jointly survey the Strait of Malacca for hazards to shipping next year. Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore will map five priority locations in the congested channel, Japanese officials said. Japanese shipping companies will provide funds and technical personnel. ...

Chinese public has no appetite for Senkakus fight: poll

| Dec 5, 2014

Chinese public has no appetite for Senkakus fight: poll

by Ben Dooley

A majority of Chinese citizens believe the United Nations, not the battlefield, is the proper venue for settling their country’s maritime disputes with Japan, according to a first-of-its-kind opinion poll released last week. The survey, as reported by the University of Western Australia’s Perth ...