Mar 28, 2015

Arkansas Senate passes religion bill seen as targeting gays

The Arkansas Senate overwhelmingly approved on Friday a Republican-backed bill that, according to its authors, is intended to protect religious freedoms but which critics contend could allow businesses to refuse service to gay people. The Republican governor of Indiana signed into law a similar ...

Sex offenders in California prisons being killed

Feb 17, 2015

Sex offenders in California prisons being killed

California state prisoners are killed at a rate that is double the national average, and sex offenders account for a disproportionate number of victims, according to an Associated Press analysis of corrections records. Male sex offenders made up about 15 percent of the prison ...

Feb 11, 2015

World's largest solar farm opens in California

One of the world’s largest solar energy farms has opened in Southern California’s desert, with 160,000 homes now able to power lights and appliances through sunlight converted into electricity, federal officials said on Tuesday. The Desert Sunlight Solar Farm, located in Riverside County about ...

Jan 22, 2015

Abortion foes push new bills in Congress and the states

Foes of abortion are mobilizing on behalf of bills in Congress and several state legislatures that would further curtail women’s access to the procedure, buoyed by conservative gains in the November elections. On both sides of the debate, activists are highlighting their hopes and ...

Dec 8, 2014

In Colorado, pot dining on shaky legal ground

Acclaimed chef Chris Lanter is talking through a demonstration on cooking with marijuana. As he prepares steak au poivre, he describes how to deglaze the pan with pot-infused brandy, and how to pair marijuana with fine foods. One catch though — there’s no actual ...

Utah reconsiders firing squads amid shortages in lethal drugs

Nov 20, 2014

Utah reconsiders firing squads amid shortages in lethal drugs

Ten years after banning the use of firing squads in state executions, Utah state lawmakers on Wednesday endorsed a proposal to allow the practice again to avoid problems with lethal-injection drugs. The proposal from would call for a firing squad if the state cannot ...