Apr 26, 2014

U.S. expands probe into banks' hiring

U.S. government agencies that have been probing banks’ hiring of the children of powerful Chinese officials are expanding existing investigations in other industries across Asia to include hiring practices, four people familiar with the matter said. The Justice Department and the Securities and Exchange ...

Momentum to permit casinos rising

Apr 15, 2014

Momentum to permit casinos rising

Momentum is gathering pace for the lifting of a ban on casinos, prompting local governments and private businesses to step up preparations to host them. While Las Vegas, Macau and Singapore are widely known for huge casinos, or facilities that house and accommodate roulette ...

Retailer gets 'cute' with Singapore

Feb 18, 2014

Retailer gets 'cute' with Singapore

by Siti Rahil

Japanese fashion brand and retailer Satisfaction Guaranteed has launched the sale of “kawaii,” or cute, merchandise usually associated with Japan, through high-tech digital vending machines in Singapore. “Singapore will . . . be the first country outside of Japan to have this intelligent digital ...

Feb 6, 2014

Asia's dangerous nostalgia

by William Pesek

What gives with the nostaglia in some Asian countries for strongmen of the past? The yearning for yesteryear speaks to our disorienting times and a dearth of visionary leadership when it's most needed.

Jan 17, 2014

U.S. wants TPP ministerial talks in late February

The United States has proposed convening a four-day ministerial meeting for the 12 countries involved in the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade talks starting Feb. 22 in Singapore, a Japanese official said Thursday. The high-level gathering may not be held until March or later, however, ...

Singapore foreign labor riot forces rethink

Dec 15, 2013

Singapore foreign labor riot forces rethink

A riot by South Asian laborers has forced Singapore to take a fresh look at how it deals with the presence of nearly a million low-paid foreign workers in the wealthy city-state. An estimated 400 workers went on the rampage on Dec. 8 in ...

Dec 10, 2013

Yearend TPP deal not going to happen

Ministers from the 12 countries involved in the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations wrap up a four-day meeting without a full agreement but say they made "substantial progress" toward hammering out a final deal.

Dec 6, 2013

TPP crunchtime talks may find deal elusive

As the proposed deadline for sealing a deal by year’s end looms, ministers from 12 countries in the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade talks are tasked with making tough political decisions as they meet in Singapore from Saturday, with hard negotiations on outstanding issues lying ...

Singaporeans embrace 'Lithuanian Banksy'

Nov 29, 2013

Singaporeans embrace 'Lithuanian Banksy'

A Lithuanian artist who angered Malaysian officials with a street mural depicting a knife-wielding Lego robber has found unlikely admirers across the border in graffiti-averse Singapore for his works on a softer theme. Ernest Zacharevic, who has been likened to British graffiti artist Banksy, ...

Nov 26, 2013

Singapore, Malaysia in spy dust-up

Malaysia’s Foreign Ministry summoned the ambassador from neighboring Singapore on Tuesday over a media report that the city-state helped with U.S.-Australian surveillance in the region. Foreign Minister Anifah Aman had already summoned the heads of the U.S. and Australian missions earlier in November in ...