Oct 5, 2015

Nauru opens gates at Australian camp for asylum seekers

The tiny South Pacific nation of Nauru unexpectedly announced Monday that all 600 asylum seekers held at a controversial Australian detention center will be given freedom of movement on the island, and that all their asylum applications will be processed this week. Asylum seekers ...

Oct 4, 2015

'Unprecedented' migrant breach briefly closes Channel Tunnel

More than 100 migrants stormed the Channel Tunnel early Saturday, penetrating a third of the way through and attacking staffers in an incident that halted overnight traffic. The attempt to go through the tunnel from France to Britain came as the daily flow of ...

Derelict Greek Olympic venues reopened to house migrants

Oct 1, 2015

Derelict Greek Olympic venues reopened to house migrants

Greek authorities on Thursday hastily reopened a derelict sports hall from the Athens 2004 Olympics to house hundreds of migrants who were sleeping on the streets of the capital. City buses took more than 400 mainly-Afghan migrants from central Victoria Square to the Galatsi ...