India court orders first death sentences for multiple rapes

Apr 4, 2014

India court orders first death sentences for multiple rapes

An Indian judge on Friday ordered three men to hang after they were convicted of two gang rapes, the first death sentences to be handed down for multiple sex attacks since the law was toughened last year. The sentences were announced at a court ...

Nov 14, 2013

Anger in New Zealand at 'close your legs' rape defense

Victims’ rights advocates in New Zealand on Thursday condemned a defense lawyer who told a rape victim she should have “closed her legs” if she wanted to avoid having sex. Defence lawyer Keith Jefferies made the remarks when summing up at the trial of ...

Indian film tackles rape crisis

Oct 6, 2013

Indian film tackles rape crisis

As India debates how to halt a rising tide of violence against women, two filmmakers are tackling the subject head-on with a Bollywood movie called “Kill the Rapist?” The film was inspired by the fatal gang rape of a student in the capital, New ...

India's plan for 'women-only' spaces welcomed, criticized

Sep 30, 2013

India's plan for 'women-only' spaces welcomed, criticized

In the months since a gruesome gang rape riveted India, a “women-only” culture has been on the rise, with Indians increasingly seeking out women-only buses, cabs, travel groups and hotel floors. One city is preparing to open a women-only park. And in November, the ...

Sep 1, 2013

Studious victim had high hopes

The 23-year-old rape victim whose assault and death shook India and captured the attention of the world was the daughter of an airport baggage handler who was studying hard and who harbored big ambitions. She enrolled four years ago on a physiotherapy course in ...

Jun 24, 2013

Callers flood New Delhi's hotline for women

The phones ring without a break. On one line, a girl says she was raped by a neighbor. “Please do not tell my parents because they will stop me from going out of the house,” the caller, who says she’s 15, pleads with a ...