Jan 28, 2015

JR Kyushu on track for stock listing in fiscal 2016

The transport ministry said Tuesday it will list Kyushu Railway Co. on the stock market in fiscal 2016 as the company becomes Japan’s fourth national rail operator to go private. JR Kyushu is currently owned by the government. It is one of the seven ...

Nov 7, 2014

Mitsui announces Brazil rail joint venture

Mitsui & Co. announced Friday a joint venture with Brazil’s Odebrecht TransPort S.A. which will focus on railway investments there. Mitsui will invest 500 million Brazilian real (¥22.5 billion) by the end of the year to take a 40 percent stake in the venture, ...

Sep 11, 2014

JR Hokkaido cancels express train project in favor of safety push

Scandal-tainted Hokkaido Railway Co. has decided to cancel work on a high-speed diesel express train and focus instead on improving safety and launching a shinkansen service in spring 2016. The railway says it wants to regain public trust after scandals exposed its shoddy track ...

Abandoned railway reborn as theme park

Jun 2, 2014

Abandoned railway reborn as theme park

A theme park based on a restored railway at an abandoned mine opened Sunday in the town of Kosaka, Akita Prefecture. The Kosaka Railroad Railpark features locomotives and other rolling stock, but its real draw is the chance to ride trolleys and pedal-driven rail ...

Apr 29, 2014

Train lines to be reinforced by '17

Japan hopes to reinforce railways in areas threatened by strong earthquakes by fiscal 2017, according to a draft disaster preparedness plan obtained by Kyodo News on Monday. Efforts to make railways more quake-resistant are part of a nationwide plan filled with numerical targets for ...

Railroading debt into Laos

Feb 8, 2014

Railroading debt into Laos

by Nick Walker

The first time I decided to fly to Vientiane, I was faced with a tossup between a Lao Airlines twin-prop or Aeroflot Soviet Airlines. During the Cold War, when Laos was Southeast Asia’s “hermit kingdom,” these alternatives were literally the only two ways in. ...

Jan 25, 2014

JR Hokkaido gets rare reform order

In an unprecedented move, the transport ministry has issued a supervision order to Hokkaido Railway Co. under the law governing Japan Railways Group companies, in the wake of a track inspection falsification scandal. It is the first time any JR Group company has been ...