Stress from war brings baby boom in Ukraine

/ Mar 3, 2017

Stress from war brings baby boom in Ukraine

Olena Gorbatova gave birth to her third child in war-torn eastern Ukraine to the sounds of gunfire and exploding shells in the Kiev-held flash-point town of Avdiivka. The 40-year-old calmed herself by thinking the attacks were just a celebration of the baby girl, whom ...

/ Feb 19, 2017

Advances in imaging could deepen knowledge of brain

New imaging techniques enable exploration of the brain in much more detail than ever before, opening the door to greater understanding of neurological problems and possibly new treatments, researchers say. Showcased at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science ...

Study links working remotely to more stress, insomnia

/ Feb 16, 2017

Study links working remotely to more stress, insomnia

Working outside an office may spare you from commutes and interruptions by colleagues but it also makes you more vulnerable to unpaid overtime, stress and insomnia, the U.N. said Wednesday. A new report from the United Nations International Labour Organization studied the impacts of ...

/ Jan 26, 2017

Does depression boost the risk of cancer death?

People who are frequently depressed or anxious may run a higher risk of dying from certain types of cancer, researchers said on Thursday. Medical records of more than 160,000 adults in England and Wales showed that those describing themselves as psychologically distressed were more ...

/ Jan 25, 2017

Nasty or nice? Study links personality to brain shape

Personality traits such as moodiness or open-mindedness are linked to the shape of one’s brain, a study said Wednesday. Researchers said they found a striking correlation between structural brain differences and five main personality types. “The shape of our brain can itself provide surprising ...