Jan 13, 2017

Scientists activate predatory 'kill switch' in mice

U.S. scientists have ramped up predatory behavior in mice by stimulating a region of the brain known for its role in emotions like fear and pleasure, according to a study published Thursday. The experiment turned the lab mice into eating machines, vigorously attacking food, ...

Jan 12, 2017

Study shows the way stress may harm your heart

Scientists said Thursday they may have uncovered a biological explanation for the long suspected link between stress and heart disease. People with a highly active amygdala — a region of the brain involved in stress processing — also have a higher risk of heart ...

Jan 7, 2017

Human brain's face recognition develops into adulthood: studies

The part of the human brain involved in face recognition keeps developing into adulthood, a pair of new studies found, surprising scientists who thought brain tissue growth stopped in early childhood. Researchers led by Kalanit Grill-Spector, a psychology professor at Stanford University, examined the ...

Why some artists no longer want to be famous

Jan 5, 2017

Why some artists no longer want to be famous

“I love being famous,” the black U.S. comedian Chris Rock once quipped. “It’s almost like being white.” But a growing number of artists would rather have success without the encumbrance of fame. From the street artist Banksy to the Italian literary phenomenon Elena Ferrante, ...

Dec 31, 2016

Did Debbie Reynolds die of broken-heart syndrome?

Dying of a broken heart is real. When Debbie Reynolds passed away on Wednesday, her son said the stress of his sister Carrie Fisher’s death the day before was too much for his mother to take. The emotional distress of losing a loved one ...

Scientists sniff out answer to 'asparagus pee' mystery

Dec 15, 2016

Scientists sniff out answer to 'asparagus pee' mystery

Scientists have sniffed out the reason why some people think their pee has a pungent, disagreeable smell after eating asparagus while others do not — it is due to their genes. French novelist Marcel Proust once fancifully described the smell as “transforming my humble ...

Psychedelic compound boosts cancer patients' mindset

Dec 2, 2016

Psychedelic compound boosts cancer patients' mindset

Cancer patients often experience mental anguish and stress, but a single dose of a hallucinogen found in psychedelic mushrooms, along with psychological counseling, improved their mindset, two studies said Thursday. The approach “significantly lessens mental anguish in distressed cancer patients for months at a ...