Apr 7, 2016

White House declines to support encryption legislation: sources

The White House is declining to offer public support for draft legislation that would empower judges to require technology companies such as Apple Inc. to help law enforcement crack encrypted data, sources familiar with the discussions said. The decision all but assures that the ...

Hospital cyberattack highlights health care vulnerabilities

Mar 31, 2016

Hospital cyberattack highlights health care vulnerabilities

A cyberattack that paralyzed the hospital chain MedStar this week is serving as a fresh reminder of vulnerabilities that exist in systems that protect sensitive patient information. That attack came a month after a Los Angeles hospital paid hackers $17,000 to regain control of ...

TSA screening woes mean bigger lines at U.S. airports

Mar 25, 2016

TSA screening woes mean bigger lines at U.S. airports

Fliers will likely face massive security lines at airports across the country this summer, with airlines already warning passengers to arrive at least two hours early or risk missing their flight. The Transportation Security Administration had anticipated that its expedited screening program, called PreCheck, ...

Mar 14, 2016

Intelligence advice for next U.S. president: Rocky road ahead

To: The next president of the United States. From: U.S. intelligence officials. Welcome to the White House. Now read our take on global political landscape and trends for the next five years and beyond. Bottom line: Get ready for a rocky road. The forecast ...

Mar 6, 2016

Amazon to restore encryption to Fire tablets after complaints

Amazon.com Inc said it plans to restore an encryption feature on its Fire tablets after customers and privacy advocates criticized the company for quietly removing the security option when it released its latest operating system. “We will return the option for full-disk encryption with ...

Mar 3, 2016

U.S. defense secretary favors strong encryption, not 'back doors'

Declaring that strong encryption is essential to the nation’s security, Defense Secretary Ash Carter told a tech industry audience Wednesday that he’s “not a believer in back doors,” or encryption programs that leave openings for outsiders to read coded files. Carter said he wasn’t ...