Aug 25, 2016

WikiLeaks to release 'significant' Clinton campaign records

WikiLeaks founder and editor-in-chief Julian Assange said on Wednesday his organization planned to release “significant” information linked to the campaign of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton before the Nov. 8 election. Asked if the data could be a game-changer in the election, the Australian ...

Private lives are exposed as WikiLeaks spills its secrets

Aug 23, 2016

Private lives are exposed as WikiLeaks spills its secrets

WikiLeaks’ global crusade to expose government secrets is causing collateral damage to the privacy of hundreds of innocent people, including survivors of sexual abuse, sick children and the mentally ill, it has been found. In the past year alone, the radical transparency group has ...

Aug 17, 2016

Snowden: Exposure of alleged NSA software tools may be warning to U.S.

The exposure of malicious software purportedly linked to the National Security Agency is likely a message from Moscow, former intelligence worker Edward Snowden said Tuesday, adding a layer of intrigue to a leak that has set the information security world abuzz. Technical experts have ...