Oct 17, 2014

Don't overstate Japan 'danger'

by Denny Roy

Chinese allegations that the Abe government is moving toward a militarist foreign policy demonstrate China's inability or unwillingness to acknowledge that current Chinese behavior contributes to the enhancements in Japanese security policy that China wishes to avoid.

Oct 8, 2014

Opposition must pressure Abe

The opposition should realize that if it fails to strictly scrutinize the Abe administration's actions in the extraordinary Diet session, it is not fulfilling its duty to serve the public.

Sep 2, 2014

War criminals don't deserve praise

Reports that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe expressed sympathy for Japan's World War II war criminals during a memorial service for them in April will only deepen the perception that Abe is a revisionist when it comes to Japan's wartime behavior.

Who's at the table for Abe's reshuffle?

| Aug 18, 2014

Who's at the table for Abe's reshuffle?

by Reiji Yoshida

Rumors and speculation are swirling in Nagata-cho, Japan’s political nerve center. The hot topic: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s plan to reshuffle the Cabinet and the leadership of his Liberal Democratic Party next month. Why is Abe planning to shake up the Cabinet now? Who ...

Jul 1, 2014

Abe's economic bull's-eye

by Koichi Hamada

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has unveiled the so-called third arrow of what has come to be known as Abenomics. It involves the removal of obstacles to growth for business, particularly the easing of regulatory barriers. Expect some officials to resist this initiative.

Jun 23, 2014

Chance for court to right a wrong

Surviving defendants convicted of trespassing on a U.S. air base in western Tokyo 57 years ago seek a retrial of their case because of their fear that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is using language in the original judgment to support his attempt to have ...

Apr 24, 2014

Reaffirming the Japan-U.S. alliance

Pime Minister Shinzo Abe and visiting U.S. President Barack Obama play up the "unshakable" alliance between Japan and the U.S. as the cornerstone of peace and security in Asia.

| Apr 22, 2014

Anti-Abe forces emerging

Little was heard from Yasuo Fukuda, nor was much said about him, after he stepped down as prime minister in 2008. In recent months, though, he has been sought out by some LDP leaders to help repair the damage to relations with South Korea ...

Apr 22, 2014

The second opening of Japan

by Shinzo Abe

To make a proactive contribution to peace, Japan will bear its share of responsibility for assuring the security that supports global prosperity and stability, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe declares.