Jul 7, 2015

Poor EU nations take hard-line on Greece

The eurozone’s poorer former communist nations, having themselves endured painful reforms and austerity programs, are taking a hard line on Greece after its people voted to reject creditors’ bailout terms. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovakia have long insisted they are too poor to pay ...

Jul 2, 2015

Record 62% of households in Japan face financial hardship

The proportion of households facing financial difficulties in Japan hit a record high of 62.4 percent as of July 2014, a Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry survey showed Thursday. The result partly reflects the consumption tax hike from 5 percent to 8 percent in ...

Jun 21, 2015

Tens of thousands march against austerity in London

Tens of thousands of people joined an anti-austerity march through central London on Saturday, the first major public protest since Prime Minister David Cameron won last month’s general election. Demonstrators, some of whom had traveled from across Britain, snaked through the city from the ...

Jun 20, 2015

Tokyo — world's most livable city?

Tokyo has a lot going for it, but saying it's the world's most livable city risks ignoring a multitude of problems, many of which stem from the city's overwhelming size.

Jun 17, 2015

Report says U.N. needs reform to tackle today's challenges

The United Nations and other international institutions are in urgent need of reform if they are to tackle global challenges ranging from massive violence in fragile states to runaway climate change and global economic shocks, a high-level commission said in a report that was ...

LDP fiscal panel targets wealthy seniors' pensions

Jun 13, 2015

LDP fiscal panel targets wealthy seniors' pensions

In its final report on fiscal consolidation, a special committee in the Liberal Democratic Party calls on the government to set a ceiling on expenditures and to consider reducing the pension benefits of wealthy seniors. As part of efforts to curb expenditures, the report ...

Jun 13, 2015

China punishes local officials over deaths of four abandoned siblings

Several local Chinese officials were fired or suspended following the deaths of four siblings, ages 5 to 13, who were abandoned by their parents and neglected by government workers in one of China’s poorest regions, the district government said. Two village heads were fired ...