Feb 13, 2015

'Revenge porn' law passed in England, Wales

A new law banning “revenge porn,”sexually explicit images shared online by a former partner without their ex’s consent, was passed in England and Wales on Thursday. The law means that people caught sharing such images on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter or ...

Jan 25, 2015

Nevada considering strict condom regulation for porn films

Adult film production migrated from California to Nevada after voters in Los Angeles County approved a law requiring condom use on set. Now, a condom use requirement could follow. Nevada health officials said Friday that they’re considering strict brothel-style regulations for a booming adult ...

Sep 7, 2014

Fake links to nude celebrities crash New Zealand Internet

New Zealanders keen to view hacked photos of naked celebrities are being blamed for a nationwide Internet meltdown. It is believed a handful of computer users clicked links on Friday evening, believing they would take them to the illicit images — but instead they ...

R-18 to G: Are pink films losing their potency?

Jul 30, 2014

R-18 to G: Are pink films losing their potency?

by Mark Schilling

Yuji Tajiri and Shinji Imaoka were two of the “Seven Lucky Gods of Pink” — a group of young pinku eiga (erotic film) directors who were hailed as the genre’s hope after they rose to prominence in the 1990s and early 2000s. That hope ...

Man from 'Mars' rails at online porn, feminism

Jun 6, 2014

Man from 'Mars' rails at online porn, feminism

He claims to have saved hundreds of thousands of marriages. But John Gray, author of the 1992 “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus,” is worried by where relationships are going — notably online. Free to view Internet porn is “like taking heroin” ...

May 25, 2014

'Revenge porn' ruling ignites debate

by Barbara Ellen

A court in Koblenz, Germany, has ruled that intimate, compromising photographs should be deleted at the end of a relationship if one partner wants it. In this case, the woman wanted the man to delete erotic photographs she had consented to pose for. When ...