Graphic designer found guilty of child pornography in Japan

Mar 16, 2016

Graphic designer found guilty of child pornography in Japan

A 55-year-old graphic designer from Gifu has been found guilty of child pornography offenses in the first such ruling relating to computer graphics. The Tokyo District Court on Tuesday sentenced Akashi Takahashi to one year in prison, suspended for three years, and ordered a ...

Japan's porn industry preys on young women: activists

Mar 4, 2016

Japan's porn industry preys on young women: activists

Japanese women are being exploited and abused in Japan’s multibillion-dollar pornographic film industry, rights advocates have said, calling on authorities to strengthen laws to protect them. Pornography is widely available in Japan, where some actresses become well known enough to appear on mainstream TV ...

Jan 24, 2016

Adult entertainment turning to virtual reality to ensure its future

Just ask Anna Lee: Woody Allen’s Orgasmatron, his futuristic vision of self-initiated sex from the 1973 movie “Sleeper,” has finally become a reality — virtual reality, that is. Lee, president of Holofilm Productions of Vancouver, British Columbia, stood on the exhibition floor of the ...

Jan 20, 2016

Penthouse halts print edition after 50 years, goes digital

Adult magazine Penthouse will end its print edition after 50 years, becoming the latest publication to go exclusively digital. Parent company FriendFinder Networks Inc. said the magazine will henceforth be released in online-only format, and that subscriptions would be converted to digital. “This will ...

Jan 4, 2016

Apple hikes iPhone prices in Germany over music, pornography levy

Apple has raised the prices for handheld devices in Germany following a deal between the tech industry and content producers that will benefit musicians, actors and pornographic filmmakers. The California-based company confirmed in a statement Sunday to The Associated Press that the price increase ...

Nov 12, 2015

Spanish police detain woman who sold naked pictures of daughters

Spanish police have arrested a 41-year-old woman who for years sold naked images of her three underage daughters over the Internet. Police began their investigation in September after her oldest daughter, aged 15, and her former partner filed a complaint at a police station ...