Feb 28, 2016

NASA to simulate growing potatoes on Mars in Peru

Do Peru’s potatoes have the right stuff? That is the question scientists will be asking in Lima in the coming month, when a selection of tubers will begin undergoing tests to determine whether they are fit to grow on Mars. The U.S. space agency ...

Feb 4, 2016

Luxembourg stakes out legal framework for asteroid mining

Luxembourg has positioned itself to pioneer the potentially lucrative business of mining asteroids in space for precious metals such as gold, platinum and tungsten. The government on Wednesday announced steps to create a legal framework for exploiting resources beyond Earth’s atmosphere, and said it ...

Giant comets may be a threat to Earth: astronomers

Dec 23, 2015

Giant comets may be a threat to Earth: astronomers

Planet Earth could be at higher risk of a space rock impact than widely thought, according to astronomers who suggested Tuesday keeping a closer eye on distant giant comets. Most studies of potential Earth-smashers focus on objects in the asteroid belt roughly between Mars, ...