Ministry joins Nagano's '30.10' campaign against food waste

Feb 16, 2017

Ministry joins Nagano's '30.10' campaign against food waste

The Environment Ministry is joining the fight against food waste by promoting a campaign in Nagano Prefecture that urges diners to eat all the food they’re served at parties.About 6.32 million tons of food waste was tallied in fiscal 2013. As part of the ...

/ Jan 30, 2015

Fanatics, charlatans and economics


National chauvinism and religious fundamentalism are here to stay, and with them the terrorism that extremists of all stripes embrace, because both phenomena are ideally suited to the age of the individual, providing imaginary answers to personal angst.

/ Dec 11, 2014

Two Italian parties call for exit from eurozone

A pair of euro-skeptic parties announced Wednesday they have plans to get Italy out of the eurozone, echoing popular anger against the 28-nation bloc.Northern League head Matteo Salvini — the rising star of an Italian right in disarray — told reporters: “We want to ...