May 12, 2015

Drones banned from Tokyo parks

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has banned people from flying drones in metropolitan parks and gardens, officials said Tuesday. The managers of 81 parks and gardens run by the metropolitan government were informed of the decision on April 28. Officials said it was based on ...

Oct 22, 2013

Boy Scouts remove two Utah men who toppled ancient rock

Two men already facing possible criminal charges for purposely toppling an ancient rock formation in a state park have now been removed from their posts as Boy Scout leaders. A northern Utah Boy Scouts council announced Monday that Glenn Taylor and Dave Hall will ...

Iraqi Kurd nature reserve looks to shed violent past

Sep 15, 2013

Iraqi Kurd nature reserve looks to shed violent past

Near Iraq’s northernmost point, close to Turkey and Iran, a national park of snow-capped peaks and forested valleys is drawing tourists and researchers keen to explore a hardly touched land. But this region of outstanding natural beauty has also been scarred by war, and ...

Historic garden hidden in Italy

Jun 3, 2013

Historic garden hidden in Italy

Rare plants, enchanting ruins and the tinkle of waterfalls: The English-style botanical oasis of Ninfa near Rome is a secret idyll billed as “the world’s most romantic garden.” The exquisite garden dates back to the late 19th century when the aristocratic Caetani family took ...