William fuels speculation of second royal baby

Apr 13, 2014

William fuels speculation of second royal baby

Royal watchers were scrutinizing the duchess of Cambridge on her New Zealand tour Sunday, after her husband, Prince William, appeared to hint a second baby is on the way. Kate, however, looked to dampen the speculation by drinking wine and going on a jet ...

| Dec 28, 2013

Sharent: シェアレント

Sharent A sharent (シェアレント) is a parent who regularly uses social media to provide a lot of detailed information about their children. Anyone who has ever used Facebook before knows exactly who we’re talking about. These parents compulsively post photos, and blog and tweet ...

'Brat-ocracy' fears spread in Sweden

Nov 2, 2013

'Brat-ocracy' fears spread in Sweden

by Tom Sullivan

Sweden got a head start in the good parenting debate as the first country to outlaw smacking, but some argue that its child-centred approach has gone too far and children now rule the roost. “In some ways Swedish kids are really ill-mannered,” said David ...

Jun 26, 2013

Breast-fed infants 'more socially mobile'

People breast-fed as infants have a 24 percent better chance than their formula-fed counterparts of climbing the social ladder, a study said Tuesday. Conversely, being fed mother’s milk as a baby also reduced one’s chances of social demotion later in life by as much ...

May 30, 2013

Study casts doubt on theory of caring dino dads

Male dinosaurs may not have had a caring side after all. Five years ago, a study of theropod dinosaurs concluded that it was male dinosaurs that incubated the eggs of their offspring. Now a new analysis of the same data is challenging that finding. ...

Mar 22, 2013

Marriages tested by sleepless nights with baby

As any parents of a young child who is a problem sleeper will confirm, permanent tiredness and constant irritability can put a huge strain on your relationship. In fact, according to a survey, lack of sleep is a big factor in divorce and separation ...