May 30, 2014

Unusual ways being developed to keep pests away

by Junji Yamaguchi

Hawks are among the unconventional methods being used in certain parts of Japan to drive away crows and other pests that spread garbage in residential areas or damage farmers’ crops. About a year ago, a building management company in Kobe that was long troubled ...

May 17, 2014

Why Kansai's corporate captains are trumpeting TPP

by Eric Johnston

Several years ago, at the Kansai Economic Seminar, an annual snoozefest of pompous platitudes and pretentious, paternalistic pontificating by the old men who run Kansai’s major corporations, one senior leader called for entering the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations. Reflecting the conventional wisdom on PowerPoint slides, ...

Osaka police crack down on reckless cyclists

Apr 24, 2014

Osaka police crack down on reckless cyclists

The Osaka Prefectural Police are stiffening their crackdown on reckless cyclists following a sharp increase in serious accidents. One of the most notorious problem areas has been the famous Tenjinbashisuji shopping street in the city of Osaka, where the use of bicycles has been ...

Mom, son die after hit by police car

Apr 14, 2014

Mom, son die after hit by police car

A woman and her 5-year-old son were killed when their vehicle was hit by a police car at an intersection in Tanba, Hyogo Prefecture, on Sunday. The woman, 34, was identified as Tamba resident Asami Yura. Her two sons — Kanta, 5, and Yuzen, ...

Apr 2, 2014

Court OKs adoption by transsexual

The Osaka Family Court has approved the adoption of a 3-year-old boy by a woman in her 30s who changed her sex from male due to gender identity disorder.