Mar 18, 2015

USJ plans to open new theme park in Okinawa

The chief executive officer of the operator of Universal Studios Japan said Wednesday it plans to open a new theme park in Okinawa, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Japan, to expand its entertainment business in Asia. USJ Co. CEO Glenn Gumpel ...

Mar 16, 2015

Heed the will of Okinawans

Seabed drilling related to land reclamation work for a new U.S. air base off the Henoko district of Okinawa has resumed for the first time since new Gov. Takeshi Onaga took office. The Abe administration appears to be running roughshod over the sentiments of ...

Battle scars: Okinawa and the Vietnam War

Mar 7, 2015

Battle scars: Okinawa and the Vietnam War

by Jon Mitchell

On March 8, 1965, the first U.S. combat troops landed in Da Nang, South Vietnam. Their arrival significantly escalated American intervention in the war which, by its end a decade later, left more than 1 million dead and countless others suffering from the legacy ...

Okinawa's story told differently in Tokyo

| Mar 7, 2015

Okinawa's story told differently in Tokyo

by Philip Brasor

Last week, at the end of a report on the TBS newsmagazine show “Hodo Tokushu” about protests against the proposed U.S. Marine Corps base at Henoko in Okinawa, the show’s host mentioned that in response to charges from local press that it had violently ...