Iran releases Americans in breakthrough prisoner exchange

Jan 17, 2016

Iran releases Americans in breakthrough prisoner exchange

Four Americans detained in Iran will be coming home and seven Iranians in U.S. custody also will win their freedom in a breakthrough swap negotiated by the longtime foes, officials in both countries said. As well, a fifth American was freed separately. The news ...

Jan 15, 2016

World must do more to curb nuclear terror threat: watchdog

International progress in reducing the threat of nuclear terrorism has slowed in recent years, and the global nuclear security system remains vulnerable, according to a report released Thursday. The Nuclear Threat Initiative, a leading U.S. nonproliferation watchdog, found that even as international security has ...

Jan 14, 2016

North Korea nuclear reactor not fully operational: U.S. think tank

Recent satellite images suggest the nuclear reactor seen as North Korea’s main source of weapons-grade plutonium is still not operating at full capacity, a U.S. think tank said Thursday. North Korea mothballed the Yongbyon reactor in 2007 under an aid-for-disarmament accord, but began renovating ...