Jun 15, 2015

Nuclear weapons states upgrade warheads despite disarmament moves

Nuclear armed states continue to upgrade their stockpiles despite an international trend toward disarmament, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute reported Monday. Between 2010 and 2015 the number of warheads fell from 22,600 to 15,850 according to the institute’s annual disarmament report, which said ...

Jun 11, 2015

Hackers targeted Iran nuclear talks: Kaspersky Lab

A computer virus was used to hack into venues linked to international talks on Iran’s nuclear program, the Russian computer security company Kaspersky Lab said on Wednesday. Kaspersky said it found the software in three European hotels used in the negotiations involving Iran and ...

H-bomb test survivor on nuke-free crusade

Jun 10, 2015

H-bomb test survivor on nuke-free crusade


Matashichi Oishi, a victim of the 1954 U.S. hydrogen bomb test on Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands, has been crusading for a world free of atomic weapons and nuclear power plants. But far from being driven by merely a hatred of nuclear weapons, ...

Jun 2, 2015

A-bomb exhibit to be held in Nagasaki's U.S. sister city

A national peace memorial hall in Nagasaki says it will hold its annual overseas exhibition on the two atomic bombings this year in the of St. Paul, Minnesota, with which it has a sister-city relationship. The exhibition, organized by the Nagasaki National Peace Memorial ...

May 29, 2015

North Korea upgrades rocket site: U.S. think tank

Fresh satellite images show substantial new construction at North Korea’s space rocket launch site, mirroring leader Kim Jong Un’s recent vow to launch more satellites in defiance of U.N. resolutions, a U.S. think tank said Friday. The North sent an Unha-3 rocket into space ...

May 28, 2015

Iran, North Korea forging ballistic, nuclear ties: dissidents

An exiled Iranian opposition group said on Thursday that a delegation of North Korean experts in nuclear warheads and ballistic missiles had visited a military site near Tehran in April amid talks between world powers and Iran over its nuclear program. The dissident National ...

May 26, 2015

Disappointing NPT conference

Japan must seriously consider how it can fulfill its special responsibility as the sole victim of atomic bombings in the global efforts to reduce and eventually eliminate the dangers posed by nuclear weapons.