May 28, 2015

Iran, North Korea forging ballistic, nuclear ties: dissidents

An exiled Iranian opposition group said on Thursday that a delegation of North Korean experts in nuclear warheads and ballistic missiles had visited a military site near Tehran in April amid talks between world powers and Iran over its nuclear program. The dissident National ...

May 26, 2015

Disappointing NPT conference

Japan must seriously consider how it can fulfill its special responsibility as the sole victim of atomic bombings in the global efforts to reduce and eventually eliminate the dangers posed by nuclear weapons.

U.N. disarmament talks collapse

May 23, 2015

U.N. disarmament talks collapse

The U.S. blocks a global document aimed at ridding the world of nuclear weapons, over a deadline for a nuclear-free Middle East zone.

May 18, 2015

Britain investigates sailor's disaster warning over nuclear subs

Britain’s Royal Navy said Monday it has launched an inquiry after a sailor who served on its submarines armed with nuclear weapons said the vessels had major security flaws and were a “disaster waiting to happen.” In a lengthy dossier released on the internet, ...