Mar 3, 2014

NRA adds 384 staff from defunct agency

The Nuclear Regulation Authority on Monday held an initiation ceremony for 384 staff joining from the now-defunct Japan Nuclear Energy Safety Organization who will bring their technical expertise to the body. JNES was abolished Saturday and absorbed by the NRA, which was set up ...

Feb 25, 2014

Fukushima's Unit 4 pool cooling falters

The cooling system for the reactor 4 spent fuel pool at the Fukushima No. 1 power plant temporarily halted Tuesday morning after an alert over electrical equipment was issued, Tokyo Electric Power Co. said. The operation to remove fuel from the spent fuel pool ...

For Iran, any final nuclear deal still far off

Feb 18, 2014

For Iran, any final nuclear deal still far off

It took months of arduous bargaining before Iran and six world powers could agree on an initial nuclear deal. But the two sides might find the going even tougher Tuesday when they were to start confronting hurdles standing in the path of a final ...

| Feb 14, 2014

Abe pushes forward pro-nuclear plan

The Abe administration is now set to resume work on compiling a new basic national energy plan in light of the huge victory by coalition-backed Yoichi Masuzoe in Sunday’s Tokyo gubernatorial election over candidates who called for the termination of Japan’s reliance on nuclear ...

Fukushima village's young stay away

Feb 4, 2014

Fukushima village's young stay away

Two years have passed since Yuko Endo, mayor of the village of Kawauchi, made a widely publicized plea calling on residents to return home after being forced to evacuate because of the Fukushima nuclear crisis. While some residents have returned, there have been few ...