Oct 20, 2016

Germany readies $26 billion fund for nuclear waste disposal

The German government has approved a plan that will see operators of the country’s nuclear power plants pay some €23.5 billion ($26 billion) into a fund to finance the storage of radioactive waste as Germany exits atomic energy. Germany decided after Japan’s Fukushima nuclear ...

Oct 15, 2016

Cost of pulling plug on reactors

The government is thinking about ways to protect major electricity suppliers from the massive costs they face to decommission their nuclear reactors.

Oct 6, 2016

Kyushu Electric begins inspection of Kagoshima reactor

Kyushu Electric Power Co. on Thursday started a scheduled three month-long inspection of a reactor at its Sendai Nuclear Power Station in Kagoshima Prefecture. The checkup requires suspending the reactor’s operation and leaves only two reactors active in Japan — reactor 2 at the ...

Nuclear-power advocate elected Ikata mayor in landslide

Oct 3, 2016

Nuclear-power advocate elected Ikata mayor in landslide

An advocate of atomic power plants has steamrolled his anti-nuclear rival in the Ikata, Ehime Prefecture, mayoral election, garnering more than seven times as many votes as his opponent. Sunday’s election followed the resignation of the former mayor, who had backed the recent restart ...

IAEA says Iran is obeying nuclear deal

Oct 2, 2016

IAEA says Iran is obeying nuclear deal

Iran has kept to the nuclear deal it agreed on with six world powers last year limiting its stockpiles of substances that could be used to make atomic weapons, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency told the French daily Le Monde. Confirming ...