Dec 24, 2015

Japan argued against declaring region nuke-free at 1975 U.N. forum

Japan argued against declaring Northeast Asia a nuclear-weapons-free zone at a United Nations conference in 1975 because such a restriction might interfere with the movements of American warships, according to diplomatic records declassified Thursday. The Japanese government documents portray the dilemma Tokyo faced then ...

Evacuation rules revised for nuclear vessel accidents

Nov 20, 2015

Evacuation rules revised for nuclear vessel accidents

The government on Friday lowered the threshold for evacuating residents during accidents on nuclear vessels, bringing it in line with accidents at atomic power plants. Under the new rules, residents will begin evacuating when radiation exceeds 5 microsieverts per hour in areas near nuclear-powered ...

May 1, 2015

Mayors for Peace renew commitment to abolish nuclear weapons

Thousands of cities worldwide united in the pursuit of a nuclear-free world renewed their commitment to work toward the abolition of nuclear weapons during a gathering Wednesday at the United Nations, where a nuclear disarmament conference is underway. At the outset of the gathering ...

Philippine art village survives Japanese founder

Feb 10, 2015

Philippine art village survives Japanese founder


A retired Japanese nuclear engineer who died of cancer in late December had been promoting a project to create a village for artists on a Philippine island known for witchcraft and mystery. Many young people on Siquijor are unemployed due to the island’s dependence ...