Aug 20, 2014

North Korea insults John Kerry over his looks

In its latest personal attack on a prominent official, North Korea has called U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry a wild dog with a “hideous lantern jaw.” Wednesday’s slur from the National Defense Commission, the North’s top governing body, is the latest in a ...

Aug 19, 2014

N. Korean stimulant smuggling networks extend to Japan, South Korea

Networks for smuggling North Korean-made stimulants, chiefly via border areas of northeastern China, are reaching Japan and South Korea, studies by Chinese scholars have found. China’s public security authorities have stepped up crackdowns on narcotics crime groups that closely link North Koreans, Chinese, including ...

Aug 18, 2014

Pope makes biggest gesture yet to China, eyes ties

Pope Francis made his strongest gesture yet to reach out to China on Sunday, saying he wants to improve relations and insisting that the Catholic Church isn’t coming in as a “conqueror” but is rather a partner in dialogue. Francis outlined his priorities for ...

Building collapse reveals North Korea's goals

Aug 17, 2014

Building collapse reveals North Korea's goals

Pyongyang isn’t just any North Korean city. So when a 23-story apartment building under construction collapsed in the center of the showcase capital in May, officials faced a bona fide emergency. Their response was in some ways predictable: a grudgingly slow and piecemeal confirmation, ...

As pope visits South Korea, North fires projectiles

Aug 14, 2014

As pope visits South Korea, North fires projectiles

Pope Francis became the first pontiff in 25 years to visit South Korea on Thursday, bringing a message of peace and reconciliation to the war-divided peninsula. Seoul’s never-timid rival, North Korea, made its presence felt by firing three short-range projectiles less than an hour ...