Purchase harks back to age of newspaper titans

| Aug 6, 2013

Purchase harks back to age of newspaper titans

by Matea Gold

The Graham family’s decision to sell The Washington Post to Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos underscores the re-emergence of wealthy individuals at the helm of major metro dailies as newspapers seek a refuge from the battering they have experienced on Wall Street. The news of ...

Jul 23, 2013

British newspapers revel in royal baby's arrival

Top-selling British newspaper The Sun on Tuesday changed its name to “The Son” to honor the arrival of a baby boy for Prince William and his wife, Kate. The rest of Fleet Street marked the occasion with souvenir editions, with The Daily Telegraph, The ...

| Jul 3, 2013

U.K. paper punches way above its weight

by Paul Farhi

For a newspaper that’s small and underweight even by British standards, The Guardian has a knack for making some big noises, both in its home market and across the pond. The paper (founded in 1821) was one of five news organizations to publish stories ...