Strongest biological material: limpet teeth

Feb 18, 2015

Strongest biological material: limpet teeth

Spider silk may lose its claim as the strongest known natural material after researchers found that limpet teeth are tougher. Spider silk is hailed for its strength and structure, but researchers in Britain have discovered that limpets — snaillike sea creatures with conical shells ...

Feb 11, 2015

Is climate change fuelling war?

For years, scientists and security analysts have warned that global warming looms as a potential source of war and unrest. Storms, droughts, floods and spells of extreme heat or exceptional cold — all can destroy wealth, ravage harvests, force people off land, exacerbate ancient ...

Feb 6, 2015

Termite mounds can halt desert's advance: study

Termites, the pesky insects whose fondness for wood makes them the bane of homeowners, help halt desertification in semi-arid areas and protect against the effects of climate change, a study said Thursday. In grasslands, savannas and arid areas of Africa, Latin America and Asia, ...

'Tiger heavyweight' Nepal hosts anti-poaching summit

Feb 1, 2015

'Tiger heavyweight' Nepal hosts anti-poaching summit

Nepal’s success in turning tiger-fearing villagers into their protectors has seen none of the endangered cats killed for almost three years, offering key lessons for an anti-poaching summit opening in Katmandu on Monday. Experts from conservation group WWF, which is co-hosting the conference with ...

Feb 1, 2015

Ship grounding threatens Galapagos Islands

Ecuadoran authorities called for a state of emergency to be declared in the Galapagos Islands on Saturday as they aimed to limit damage to the archipelago’s pristine environment after a ship ran aground. Galapagos National Park officials said they are seeking an environmental emergency ...

Jan 28, 2015

Chinese police suspended for eating endangered salamander

The southern Chinese city of Shenzhen suspended 14 police officers and put a police chief under investigation on Tuesday on suspicion of feasting on an endangered giant salamander, state media reported. The officers allegedly were consuming the animal, the world’s largest amphibian, at a ...