/ Apr 13, 2017

DNA can track migrations of fish

Scientists have tracked fish off New York by following the traces of DNA left in the water, a technique that could help gauge life in rivers, lakes and oceans around the world, a study showed on Wednesday. Fish leave bits of slimy skin, scales ...

Himalayan glaciers granted status of 'living entities'

Apr 2, 2017

Himalayan glaciers granted status of 'living entities'

An Indian court has recognized Himalayan glaciers, lakes and forests as “legal persons” in an effort to curb environmental destruction, weeks after it granted similar status to the country’s two most sacred rivers. In a decision that aims to widen environmental protections in the ...

/ Mar 30, 2017

Birds hit by cars are, well, bird-brained

What is the difference between birds that get killed by cars, and those that don’t? The dead ones tend to have smaller brains, said scientists who performed 3,521 avian autopsies. What might be called the “bird brain rule” applies to different species, depending on ...

/ Mar 24, 2017

Coral reefs in hot water: study

A spike in water temperature lasting only days bleached all the coral in a South China Sea atoll and killed 40 percent of the tiny organisms within weeks, researchers reported Thursday. The surge of 6 degrees Celsius (10.8 Fahrenheit) at Dongsha Atoll in June ...

Mar 19, 2017

Australia teen 'punches croc' in miracle escape

An Australian teenager is lucky to be alive, paramedics said Sunday, after he reportedly escaped the jaws of a crocodile by punching it in the head during a late night swim in a river. The 18-year-old, named in local media as Lee de Paauw, ...

First fluorescent frog found in Argentina

/ Mar 17, 2017

First fluorescent frog found in Argentina

The first naturally fluorescent frog was discovered recently in Argentina — almost by chance, a member of the team of researchers said Thursday. Argentine and Brazilian scientists at the Bernardino Rivadaiva Natural Sciences Museum made the discovery while studying the metabolic origin of pigments ...

Late-winter snowstorm may damage Washington's cherry blossoms

Mar 14, 2017

Late-winter snowstorm may damage Washington's cherry blossoms

As the northeastern United States braces for the biggest snowstorm of the winter, officials in Washington had other concerns — the fate of the city’s prized cherry blossoms, which draw hordes of tourists every year. “There is no risk for the trees themselves. They’ve ...