Yamaguchi likely to win fifth term as Komeito chief

/ Jul 25, 2016

Yamaguchi likely to win fifth term as Komeito chief

Komeito Natsuo Yamaguchi appears certain to win his fifth term as party chief in an election to be held in September, informed sources said. Komeito plans to hold the election Sept. 17 as part of its annual meeting, the sources said Monday. Yamaguchi’s popularity ...

Sep 15, 2015

Komeito wants reduced tax rate proposal kept alive

Japan should not rule out imposing a lower rate of consumption tax on certain goods, the head of Komeito told party lawmakers Tuesday. Komeito favors the system as a way to ease the burden on low-income earners when the tax rate is raised. Natsuo ...

Sep 24, 2014

New Komeito's raison d'etre

Natsuo Yamaguchi, the just re-elected chief of New Komeito, and other party leaders should realize that if the party fails to ensure that Japan stays on the pacifist road with respect to the passage of new legislation, it will lose its raison d'etre.