Dec 3, 2014

Jazz band honors motorists killed in tunnel collapse

A jazz band has honored the memory of nine motorists who died two years ago when part of a road tunnel collapsed, crushing vehicles. “Jazz Market,” a band from Kofu, Yamanashi Prefecture, played a tribute concert Tuesday in the city to mark the second ...

Nov 30, 2014

Peter Gabriel, Pussy Riot rally for Hong Kong protesters

Musicians including Peter Gabriel and Pussy Riot are offering support to Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protesters in the form of photographic tributes. In pictures that started being projected on an outdoor screen in Hong Kong’s Admiralty District on Friday, the musicians each stand with umbrellas, ...

1D, Katy Perry win big at American Music Awards

Nov 24, 2014

1D, Katy Perry win big at American Music Awards

American girls love British boys: One Direction won artist of the year at the American Music Awards, taking home three honors and was the night’s big winner next to Katy Perry, who didn’t attend the show. One Direction also won favorite band, duo or ...

Nov 20, 2014

Multiple fractures for Bono in New York accident

A New York City doctor says U2 singer Bono suffered multiple fractures and had to have two surgeries after his weekend bicycle accident. Orthopedic trauma surgeon Dr. Dean Lorich says Bono was trying to avoid another cyclist on Sunday. Bono arrived at a Manhattan ...

Chopin's heart exhumed in secret

Nov 18, 2014

Chopin's heart exhumed in secret

As Frederic Chopin gasped for air on his deathbed in Paris in 1849, he whispered a request that became the stuff of musical legend: Remove my heart after I die and entomb it in Poland. He wanted the symbol of his soul to rest ...

Sound is no barrier for 'world's fastest pianist'

Nov 16, 2014

Sound is no barrier for 'world's fastest pianist'

A composer who claims to be the world’s fastest pianist says tickling the ivories quicker than the human ear can hear is a surefire route to nirvana. Ukrainian Lubomyr Melnyk is working his fingers at a dizzying 19.5 notes per second, and reckons the ...

Nov 13, 2014

YouTube debuts subscription music service

YouTube on Wednesday introduced a long-rumored ad-free subscription music video service in a challenge to Spotify, Pandora, Apple and others. YouTube Music Key launched in a test mode in Britain, Spain, Italy, Finland, Portugal, Ireland, and the United States with free trial periods, and ...