NATO formally invites Montenegro as 29th member

May 20, 2016

NATO formally invites Montenegro as 29th member

NATO invited the Balkan nation of Montenegro to become its 29th member, agreeing Thursday to expand for only the seventh time in its history despite Russia’s angry objections. The decision is still subject to formal approval by the U.S. Senate, the alliance’s 27 other ...

Mar 30, 2016

Montenegro expels 58 foreign members of Aum cult: police

Montenegro has deported 58 foreign members of a Japanese doomsday cult, most of them Russians, for lacking the right permits to visit the Balkan country, police said Tuesday. “Police received information from partner security services showing that a group of foreign nationals, who were ...

Dec 2, 2015

NATO offer of membership to Montenegro may add to tensions with Russia

NATO offered membership to Montenegro, extending its reach deeper into southeastern Europe and potentially adding to tensions with Russia. The 28-nation U.S.-led military alliance agreed to start the entry process at a meeting of foreign ministers in Brussels on Wednesday, Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said. ...