Jan 15, 2016

Italian woman wins right to convert lire hoard

An Italian woman who discovered millions of lire in an old chest of drawers has won the right to convert the hoard into euros after a court ruled that a 2011 deadline for exchanging the former currency was unconstitutional. Observers expect further cases to ...

Jan 9, 2016

Italy bottle cap tycoon leaves workers €1.5 million in will

Workers at an Italian factory were delighted by an unexpected Christmas bonus, receiving checks for thousands of euros bequeathed to them by their late boss who died in June, reports said Saturday. Piero Macchi, the founder of Enoplastic, which produces screw caps, synthetic corks ...

Dime-nail to be auctioned

Dec 20, 2015

Dime-nail to be auctioned

Is it a dime, or is it a nail? In probably one of the oddest items to come to the world of coin collecting, Dallas-based Heritage Auctions has announced the sale of a Roosevelt dime that was accidentally — some say deliberately — struck ...

Sep 6, 2015

G-20 leaders plot careful way forward

Warily watching economic clouds gathering in China and the possibility of an end to zero interest rates in the United States, Group of 20 (G-20) leaders steered a careful course at their meeting in Turkey at a time of uneven and fragile growth. The ...

Jul 2, 2015

PayPal buys international money-sending service Xoom

Online payment titan PayPal said Wednesday it is buying international money-sending service Xoom in a deal valued at $890 million. PayPal, a subsidiary of eBay, will pay $25 per share of Xoom in what amounts to a premium of 32 percent over the stock’s ...

Bernanke: Dump Jackson, not Hamilton, on dollar bills

Jun 23, 2015

Bernanke: Dump Jackson, not Hamilton, on dollar bills

Former Federal Reserve chief-turned blogger Ben Bernanke is calling for the U.S. Treasury to abandon plans to drop Andrew Hamilton from his featured spot on the $10 bill and to dump Andrew Jackson from the $20 instead. Bernanke wrote Monday that he is “appalled” ...