Sep 18, 2014

Ebola unlikely to become airborne: U.S. scientist

It is unlikely that Ebola would mutate to spread through the air, and the best way to make sure it doesn’t is to stop the epidemic, a top U.S. government scientist told concerned lawmakers Wednesday. “A virus that doesn’t replicate, doesn’t mutate,” Dr. Anthony ...

Goldfish has 'high-risk' surgery for brain tumor in Australia

Sep 17, 2014

Goldfish has 'high-risk' surgery for brain tumor in Australia

A goldfish called George was on the mend in Australia on Tuesday after undergoing “high-risk” brain surgery. The 10-year-old fish had a tumor protruding from its head, leaving his owner with two options: to have it operated on or have the fish put to ...

Health ministry updates manual for dengue fever

Sep 13, 2014

Health ministry updates manual for dengue fever

The health ministry has revised its manual for dengue fever after the first domestic outbreak of the tropical disease in 70 years revealed it was outdated. The Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry said Friday the manual was updated to provide responses for dengue infections ...

Sep 11, 2014

Australian is isolated in Ebola scare

An Australian was isolated in a hospital Thursday after he displayed symptoms of the deadly Ebola virus following a trip to Africa, health officials said. The man, in his 20s, was taken to Gold Coast University Hospital in Queensland state by paramedics wearing full ...

Sep 9, 2014

Resentment simmering inside Liberia's 'Ebola jail town'

Trapped since officials placed them in quarantine two weeks ago, the residents of Dolo Town are becoming increasingly resentful over their incarceration in Liberia’s open “Ebola jail.” Around 17,000 increasingly hungry residents in the settlement, close to the international airport, are forced to line ...