Jun 26, 2016

China tells search engines to ID paid results after man died

China has issued new regulations demanding that search engines clearly identify paid search results, months after a terminally ill cancer patient complained that he was misled by the giant search engine Baidu. Wei Zexi, a college student who died in April of a rare ...

Jun 20, 2016

Nepal police arrest 36 fake doctors in raids nationwide

Police in Nepal have arrested 36 people who were working as doctors with fake credentials and education certificates in a sweeping operation across the Himalayan nation. Central Investigation Bureau official Dibesh Lohani said Monday that those arrested were working in reputed hospitals, health clinics ...

TV host Oliver buys, forgives $15 million in medical debt

Jun 7, 2016

TV host Oliver buys, forgives $15 million in medical debt

Some 9,000 people stuck with delinquent medical bills have had their debts forgiven, courtesy of HBO host John Oliver. Oliver, on his “Last Week Tonight” program Sunday, took the action to illustrate a story about the practices of companies that purchase the records of ...