New painkiller found in coffee

Jan 25, 2015

New painkiller found in coffee

Brazilian scientists have discovered a protein in coffee that has effects similar to the pain reliever morphine, researchers at the state University of Brasilia (UnB) and the state-owned Brazilian Agricultural Research Corp. Embrapa said Saturday. Embrapa said its genetics and biotech division, teaming up ...

Jan 20, 2015

On Ukraine's frontline, volunteer medics do what they can

From doctors to students and businessmen, volunteers are risking their lives to evacuate wounded Ukrainian soldiers from the frontline. Some of them are based in the village of Vodiane, near Donetsk airport, where heavy fighting between pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian forces has flared again ...

Jan 19, 2015

Britain, Europe's TB hub, seeks to wipe out the disease

Health authorities launched an £11.5 million ($17.4 million) plan on Monday to tackle Britain’s persistent tuberculosis problem, seeking to eradicate the contagious lung disease. Britain has one of the highest TB rates in Western Europe, with London known as the continent’s TB capital. Rates ...

Self-taught computer program finds super poker strategy

Jan 9, 2015

Self-taught computer program finds super poker strategy

A computer program that taught itself to play poker has created nearly the best possible strategy for one version of the game, showing the value of techniques that may prove useful to help decision-making in medicine and other areas. The program considered 24 trillion ...

Jan 6, 2015

Stand-up desks get office workers on their feet

Advocates of workplace wellness initiatives are hoping 2015 will be the year that stand-up desks, historically favored by great minds from Leonardo da Vinci to Virginia Woolf, will reconfigure the modern cubicle. Some 50 to 70 percent of people spend six or more hours ...

Jan 6, 2015

Cold weather can actually cause colds, study finds

Whether cold temperatures have anything to do with catching a cold has long been a question that supposedly separates believers in old wives’ tales from the scientifically savvy. But while the cold-cold connection is widely considered a medical myth, a new study finds otherwise. ...