Breakthrough reported in quest to make blood cells

/ May 18, 2017

Breakthrough reported in quest to make blood cells

Scientists on Wednesday unveiled two methods for coaxing stem cells into blood cells, a long-sought goal that could lead to new treatments for blood disease, including leukemia. In separate experiments reported in Nature — one with mice, the other transplanting human stem cells into ...

/ Jul 8, 2014

U.S. regulators fast-track novel leukemia therapy

U.S. regulators on Monday put an experimental immunotherapy agent on the fast track to market approval, after 89 percent of leukemia patients in early trials saw their cancers disappear. The personalized immunotherapy known as CTL019 was developed by the University of Pennsylvania and was ...

May 9, 2014

Drugmaker Novartis fails to report side effects linked to Tasigna

Novartis Pharma K.K. failed to inform the government of at least 10 suspected cases of serious side effects involving its Tasigna leukemia drug, it was learned Friday. The Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry has opened an investigation into whether the Novartis unit broke the ...

Upbeat in the face of adversity

Dec 21, 2013

Upbeat in the face of adversity


Twenty-four-year-old Yura Tsutsumi was first attracted to Yuta Suzuki after seeing how positive he was in everyday life. The pair met at university, where they had both studied nursing, and Tsutsumi soon realized that Suzuki was someone she could depend on. “He was always ...

/ Sep 23, 2013

Team finds leukemia genes in Down kids

Genes causing a type of leukemia that mainly strikes children with Down syndrome have been discovered by a team of Japanese researchers including Hirosaki University professor Etsuro Ito. The finding, published in Sunday’s edition of U.S. science journal Nature Genetics, may help to develop ...