Nagoya YWCA offers language classes with day care

| Dec 5, 2014

Nagoya YWCA offers language classes with day care

The Nagoya YWCA School of Japanese Language in Aichi Prefecture has added a “Bambina” course to its curriculum. Targeted at foreign parents with preschool children, the lessons cover expressions useful for daily life with a focus on those helpful for looking after toddlers in ...

| Oct 26, 2014

The world still needs to learn Japanese

For the attention of the Japan Business Federation (Keidanren): I have previously addressed Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in this forum about the necessity for Japan to internationalize further, especially by developing English skills. However, at the same time, I believe the world also needs ...

Oct 7, 2014

Japanese group had plans to join Islamic State, reports say

Tokyo police questioned a university student and several others Monday over suspected plans to travel to Syria to join the Islamic State group, news reports said. The reported investigation by the Tokyo police would be the first indication of possible support within Japan for ...

Oct 6, 2014

UNICEF exec prods more Japanese to join international groups

Richard Bridle, director for human resources at UNICEF, is urging more Japanese to work in international organizations. “We would like to encourage more Japanese to come into international service,” Bridle said during an interview in Tokyo last week. “It’s not about money (for the ...

Sep 12, 2014

Son of Japanese 9/11 victim asks world to never forget

Taichi Sugiyama was 3 years old when he lost his father, Yoichi Sugiyama, on Sept. 11, 2001. Now 16 years old, Sugiyama came to New York to ask the world to “never forget.” On Thursday, Sugiyama read aloud names of some of the victims ...

Japanese search U.S. archives for WWII Saipan MIA info

Jul 31, 2014

Japanese search U.S. archives for WWII Saipan MIA info

Racing against time, members of a Japanese organization are combing a New York military museum’s World War II records for information they hope will lead to the graves of American servicemen still listed as missing in action on Saipan. The reason for the urgency: ...