Nov 14, 2013

Yet another shameful food scandal

Since it is often difficult for ordinary customers to tell the difference in quality between the ingredients on their plate, it is up to restaurant operators to dispel Japan's mislabeling scandal.

Nov 12, 2013

Another thorn in Tokyo-Seoul ties

Tokyo and Seoul must try to find ways to prevent recent Korean court rulings ordering Japanese companies to compensate former Korean laborers from straining bilateral relations further.

Nov 9, 2013

Winds of energy independence

Amid the prime minister's push to sell nuclear technology abroad and restart nuclear power plants at home, the Environment Ministry has moved to develop Japan's capacity for wind power.

Twitter in Asia: too open, too crowded, too difficult

Nov 9, 2013

Twitter in Asia: too open, too crowded, too difficult

That’s why some Twitter users in South Korea and Japan say they are spending less time on the site or have quit for other services. After selling shares in a highly anticipated initial public offering, Twitter is set to face minute ongoing scrutiny from ...

Nov 6, 2013

Don't undermine inheritance bill

After weeks of foot-dragging within the conservative ranks, the ruling Liberal Democratic Party finally endorses a bill to strengthen inheritance rights for children born out of wedlock.